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Kratom Effects – Full Review

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Hey, Eric here.

Thanks for being patient and it’s finally done. So, without further ado…

“My first time Kratom Effects Experience”


No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know before purchasing it.

Note: This is a review,

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First of all,- Let me recap my Kratom Effects blog?

I was interested in finding out what the real effects of kratom were & to see if it could dull the pain & help me sleep better from my shoulder injury (supraspintas tear). So I recently purchased kratom after a friend suggested it. I heard that the taste of kratom isnt pleasant so I chose 2 different kinds of kratom capsules. Bali & Thai supposedly having different effects!

I’ve read mixed reviews online about the effectiveness of kratom, so I want to be straight forward that both kinds of kratom produced mild effects for me!  I have recently heard that some people have been marketing Kratom as a way to get high or even as an opiate substitute & so after reviewing kratom first hand I can personally say Kratom is no where in this realm & should not be associated with such!

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Before I go on to finish my kratom effects review please remember that kratom is not approved for human consumption by the FDA & use at your own risk!


Bali Kratom Effects

I tried Bali Kratom first… took about 4 grams (8 capsules) at 9:30pm. I waited.. around 10pm I could feel the kratom effects come on a bit. To be honest I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but eventually found myself super relaxed but my mind was very active so I wound up reading the Drudge Report online for a few hours! I recall feeling a little bit of tingling in my limbs then a nauseousness kicked in a little. While my stomach was churning a lil it did wear off & the effects of kratom did help dull the pain in my shoulder so I was pleased with this kratom experience overall. I went to bed around 2am when the effects seemed to wear off. Woke up refreshed and ready for the day! No signs of kratom side effects. For future trials I plan on lowering the amount to 3 grams and making sure I have a little food in my stomach!

Thai Kratom Effects

With my first trial done I was ready to move on to the Thai Kratom… at 10pm two days later I set forth on testing the effects. Initially I took only 6 capsules but about 20 minutes later I decided to take another 2 capsules, I wanted to be sure I got the full effects! For me the Thai Kratom effects were different that the Bali… way more relaxing (mind & body)! I was super content just sitting and not doing anything but listen to music! The effects of Thai Kratom seemed to last a bit longer & seemed to me kind of like Nyquil. Im sure we have all used Nyquil… so you get the point! To be honest I felt very drosey & super relaxed . Over all the Thai Kratom Effects was a nice relaxing experience! I finally crashed out and slept very well but when I woke up I seemed very groggy… something like how you feel the morning after you take NyQuil. As for Thai Kratom over all it helped with my shoulder pain and I slept really well but I didnt like the sluggish feeling in the morning.


Kratom has been a some what pleasant experience for me!  I’m now convinced that different strains do produce different kratom effects & can help dull my shoulder pain at night. On the positive side I do like that its an all natural remedy but at the same time you do have to take really alot to see results! Please remember that this is just my personal kratom experience & that kratom could affect people in different ways, so be cautious!

Thanks for reading my Kratom Effects Blog, please comment your experience below.

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Kratom Effects Review Update!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Hey guys,

Just received my kratom capsules…. So I will be testing them out  over the next few days and posting my first time Kratom effects review shortly! So please check back soon!

Below is an image of the two kinds of Kratom Capsules I ordered.

On the left are the Bali Kratom Capsules & on the right are the Thai Kratom Capsules.

PS. I did take one of the capsules apart and tasted the kratom… pretty yucky lol!



In my next post I will be giving  my no B.S. Kratom Effects results!

The Reported Effects of Kratom!

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

I think its always important to do a little background review on the reported kratom effects before trying it… so Ive been researching and found that the effects you can expect depend on A) the kind of kratom B) the form of kratom C) the kratom dosage!

So for my first time kratom effects experience review:

  • A- Kind of Kratom is going to be Bali & Thai
  • B- The form will be Kratom Capsules (read good reviews)
  • C- Kratom Dosage- 4 grams

Here is what I found on what Kratom Effects can be expected:

  • 2-5 grams- mild effects / stimulant like
  • 6-10 grams – medium effects / pain killer like
  • It was mentioned a dose over 10 grams is considered strong and too much for sensitive people!

The stimulant  levels: your mind is much more aware, actual physical vigor and often sexual vitality is elevated, capacity to do challenging tedious physical work could possibly be enhanced, some may be far more talkative, pleasant, and friendly. Some individuals discover this sense edgy as opposed to pleasurable & some individuals enjoy it.

The sedative-pain killer level : At this dose you may be much less responsive to physical or psychological suffering, appear and feel relaxed, possess a general sense of cozy delight, and could enter a pleasurable dreamy state. You might encounter some itchiness or perspiration. Your pupils could possibly be narrowed. It is possible you might feel nauseated, however, if you lay down and relax the nausea should quickly cease. You might find your appreciation of music is elevated. It might be quite pleasurable to lay down on your back within a semi-darkened area, with eyes shut, and simply listen to your preferred music. Kratom effects typically last about 6 hours. The larger the dosage, the more powerful the effects, and the lengthier they last.

Stay tuned I should be receiving my Kratom Capsules & then posting my Kratom Effects review soon!

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My Kratom Effects Review is coming………

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Just ordered my Kratom online a few days ago & I’m excited to get my Kratom Effects review underway!  If your wondering why I’m interested in trying Kratom please take a moment to read my about me page… the link is located on the right column :]

Now if you haven’t heard of Kratom… its an herbal plant known for it pain killing effects originating from South East Asia… but Ill talk more about the reported effects of kratom in my next post!

After reading about Kratom … Its reported that its tastes absolutely nasty! So I decided to make it easy on my taste buds and buy Kratom Capsules. Supposedly there are 2 popular kinds of Kratom that have different effects. The first is called Bali Kratom and the second is Thai Kratom. I couldn’t make up my mind which to go with so I ordered an ounce each of kratom capsules!