My Kratom Effects Review is coming………

Just ordered my Kratom online a few days ago & I’m excited to get my Kratom Effects review underway!  If your wondering why I’m interested in trying Kratom please take a moment to read my about me page… the link is located on the right column :]

Now if you haven’t heard of Kratom… its an herbal plant known for it pain killing effects originating from South East Asia… but Ill talk more about the reported effects of kratom in my next post!

After reading about Kratom … Its reported that its tastes absolutely nasty! So I decided to make it easy on my taste buds and buy Kratom Capsules. Supposedly there are 2 popular kinds of Kratom that have different effects. The first is called Bali Kratom and the second is Thai Kratom. I couldn’t make up my mind which to go with so I ordered an ounce each of kratom capsules!


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