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The Reported Effects of Kratom!

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

I think its always important to do a little background review on the reported kratom effects before trying it… so Ive been researching and found that the effects you can expect depend on A) the kind of kratom B) the form of kratom C) the kratom dosage!

So for my first time kratom effects experience review:

  • A- Kind of Kratom is going to be Bali & Thai
  • B- The form will be Kratom Capsules (read good reviews)
  • C- Kratom Dosage- 4 grams

Here is what I found on what Kratom Effects can be expected:

  • 2-5 grams- mild effects / stimulant like
  • 6-10 grams – medium effects / pain killer like
  • It was mentioned a dose over 10 grams is considered strong and too much for sensitive people!

The stimulant  levels: your mind is much more aware, actual physical vigor and often sexual vitality is elevated, capacity to do challenging tedious physical work could possibly be enhanced, some may be far more talkative, pleasant, and friendly. Some individuals discover this sense edgy as opposed to pleasurable & some individuals enjoy it.

The sedative-pain killer level : At this dose you may be much less responsive to physical or psychological suffering, appear and feel relaxed, possess a general sense of cozy delight, and could enter a pleasurable dreamy state. You might encounter some itchiness or perspiration. Your pupils could possibly be narrowed. It is possible you might feel nauseated, however, if you lay down and relax the nausea should quickly cease. You might find your appreciation of music is elevated. It might be quite pleasurable to lay down on your back within a semi-darkened area, with eyes shut, and simply listen to your preferred music. Kratom effects typically last about 6 hours. The larger the dosage, the more powerful the effects, and the lengthier they last.

Stay tuned I should be receiving my Kratom Capsules & then posting my Kratom Effects review soon!

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